Emotion is the integrator of body and mind, the core of our sentience and our humanity.

The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion weaves the latest findings on health, emotions, neurobiology, and immunology into a bold explanation of extraordinary forms
of sensitivity.

The book examines real people and puzzling perceptions that have long resisted explanation. You’ll gather an entirely fresh take on the mind, on emotion, on sensation and stress – on all the elements that make us sentient and, indeed, human.

“An insightful exploration of the powerful capacities of the mind-body connection and its inherent link with perception.”
    - Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Spontaneous Healing and Natural Health, Natural Medicine

“Truly unique in bridging disciplines…This is a book for the 21st century that will open and enlarge our minds, hearts, and spirits.”
    - Miriam Greenspan, therapist and author, Healing Through of the Dark Emotions

“Highly readable, informative, provocative, profound.”
    - Joseph Chilton Pearce, author and educator

“A landmark book that presents a picture of consciousness that is far more majestic than anything conceived in conventional neuroscience. Based in solid science, this bold effort will challenge anyone who reads it with an open mind.”
    - Larry Dossey, M.D., author and former co-chair, panel on Mind/Body Interventions, Office of Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health

“This book brings Antonio Damasio’s ‘feeling brain’ into full embodiment. It is a monumental contribution to understanding ourselves as human beings.”
    - Allan Combs, Ph.D., author and faculty, California Institute of Integral Studies

Our bodily senses, our bodily energy, and our bodily feelings offer a gateway to understanding the self – and to illuminating experiences that would otherwise elude and confound us. Read on to learn more…

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