“No two people live in the same sensory world…. When one considers that virtually everything we know about ourselves and the world is based on information obtained through the senses, the fact that objective differences exist between people suggests that our ‘consensus’ reality may encompass a far wider spectrum than previously appreciated.

– Richard Hollingham, “In the realm of your senses.” New Scientist, January 31, 2004, pp. 40-43

Researchers often use the term ’sensitivity’ when theorizing that certain people may be more apt to register anomalous influences than others. Could this personality type – call it ‘extraordinarily sensitive’ – have a legitimate basis in neurobiology, either innate or formed as a result of early experience?

This section of the website (and book) considers the evidence. We draw upon the latest science, present profiles of individuals with difficult-to-explain perceptions, and highlight the results of a provocative survey investigation.

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